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Titan Gun Safe

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Titan Gun Safe

TITAN Gun Vault, the most innovative, versatile, firearm safety device on the market today. It has earned two U.S. patents for its originality and uniqueness. (Patent Numbers: 07299667, 07434427) Features:

  • accommodates revolvers, pistols, and derringers whose dimensions do not exceed 10″ long x 6.5″ high x 2.25″ wide.
  • measures 11″ L x 8″ W x 2½” H, and only weighs 10 pounds
  • requires 3½”” head clearance for installation under any objects.
  • easy to mount and dismount from its mounting brackets with the use of a quick release arm from inside of the safe. Always secured to a permanent location with our patented brackets in your vehicle, under your bed or desk, in your closet, your boat, your RV and many other places, switching it from one to another will take a couple of seconds. Transporting your firearm by air or auto, and RV has never been easier.
  • The patented design with harden 14 GA steel is the most innovative, reliable and compact secure pistol safe in the market.
  • The firearm and holster moves out of the vault as you open the lid without the use of any springs it will allow you to be armed in seconds.
  • Option to mount with third-party cables as well as use with laptop cable locks.
  • Batteryless, all mechanical lock system, with over 2,200 possible combinations.
  • The Simplex® pushbutton locking mechanism has been around over 20 years and has passed the test of time.
  • Its construction will prevent un-authorized access to your firearm; some of DOJ test requirements are 250-lb vault door pull test, 120 strokes hacksaw attack with load of 10 pounds, lock manipulation, Drop test and Impact test.
  • Tamper resistant, with built in clutch in the knob and operational in all weather conditions, it will not fail you when you need it.Secure your firearm, yet stay mobile with the innovative Gun Vault from Titan Security. Designed to provide responsible gun owners with the handgun protection they need while keeping the gun safe from unauthorized users and children, the Gun Vault keeps your handgun easily accessible to you and completely inaccessible to anyone else. The Gun Vault can be permanently mounted in a variety of locations in your home, boat, car, or RV with the included mounting brackets. But when it is time to travel, the Gun Vault keeps your gun safely locked up in the secure containment with a convenient carry handle. When you need to access your gun quickly, the Gun Vault allows you to arm in seconds–firearm and holster move out of the vault as you open the lid without the use of springs.

    Recipient of US patents 07299667 and 07434427 for originality and uniqueness and approved by the California Department of Justice, the Gun Vault offers fail-safe security with a battery-free, all-mechanical combination lock system. With offer 2,200 possible combinations, the lock is entirely inaccessible to unauthorized people. Operational in all weather conditions, the lock is tamper resistant with built in clutch in the knob and has passed rigorous Department of Justice test requirements to prove its strength. Backed by a 1 year warranty, the Titan Gun Vault offers the security you need to keep your firearm ready for protection when you need it and otherwise, completely out of harm’s way.


    • Accommodates revolvers, pistols, and derringers
    • Innovative, reliable, and compact patented design with hardened 14 GA steel
    • Arm in seconds–firearm and holster move out of the vault as you open the lid without the use of springs
    • Easy to mount and dismount from its mounting brackets with quick release arm from inside of the safe
    • Secure permanently with patented brackets in your vehicle, home, boat, RV
    • Switch from one permanent location to another in seconds
    • Transport your firearm easily and securely by air, auto, and/or RV
    • Option to mount with third-party cables or use with laptop cable locks
    • Recipient of US patents 07299667 and 07434427 for originality and uniqueness

    Maximum Security for Your Firearm:

    • Battery-less, all mechanical combination lock system
    • Over 2,200 possible combinations
    • Simplex pushbutton locking mechanism
    • Department of Justice test requirements include: 250-pound vault door pull test, 120 stroke hacksaw attack with load of 10 pounds, lock manipulation, drop test, and Impact test
    • Tamper resistant, with built in clutch in the knob
    • Operational in all weather conditions
    • California Department of Justice approved


    • Gun Vault dimensions: 11 x 8 x 2.5 inches (LxWxH)
    • Gun Vault weight: 10 pounds
    • Maximum firearm dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 2.25 inches (LxWxH)
    • Requires 3.5 inches of head clearance for installation under any objects

    What’s in the Box?
    Gun Vault, universal holster, 2 separate universal mounting brackets, all hardware, lock arm, installation and owners manual

    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year
    Warranty Specifications:

      Titan Security warrants that all products manufactured and sold by them are free from defects in material and workmanship and those products of Titan Security’s design are fit for the purpose intended by them when properly installed and used. One year limited to the replacement or repair of your product from date of purchase.

    Your product warranty does not cover “forgotten access code” or damage caused by product misuse.

    Titan Gun Safe

    FEATURED Titan Gun Safe

    • Gives easy access to your loaded firearms while keeping the weapon out of the hands of others
    • Install it in a variety of places including under your bed or desk, closet or vehicle, boat or RV
    • Battery-less, all mechanical lock system
    • Most innovative, reliable and compact secure pistol safe in the market
    • Construction will prevent un-authorized access to your firearm
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    What customers say about Titan Gun Safe

    1. Rich says:
      61 of 62 people found the following review helpful
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      This is a great product, don’t trust the low ratings….., December 22, 2010
      Rich (CA) –

      This review is from: Titan Gun Safe (Sports)

      First, let me start off by stating I love Amazon mainly for the product reviews. I use it religiously to research end user pros and cons since I often find these reviews to be very helpful. This, however, is not the case here, and I’ll tell you why.

      I purchased a revolver 5 months ago for home protection. The goal was to purchase a gun vault/safe during my “waiting period” so I would have it before picking up my gun. To my surprise, I found it incredibly difficult deciding on one which would offer exactly what I was looking for: safety, quick access and reliability. Thus, my gun has been locked up high in the closet, incapacitate by a cable lock to keep it out of the hands of my little one. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to make a rush purchase, and looking back, the reviews here where misleading and added to the delay.

      Before getting to the reasons why I settled on the Titan Gun Vault, let me share with you some of the reasons I didn’t choose some of the others (if you’d rather go right to my review of the Titan Gun Vault, skip down to point number 3):

      1. Gun Vault and Gun Vault Biometric Gun Safes – This seems to be the most popular of the safes I looked at, and I almost purchased one until I did a youtube search. Although it offers quick access, in my estimation, it fails at reliability and safety. For one, I don’t want to rely on a battery or any electronic component when my life depends on it. No matter what type of low battery alert the system is equipped with, I’ve read one too many reviews where a system has failed to operate due to the electronics (feel free to research this for yourself). I also didn’t care for the beeping sound these units make while trying to access your fire arm. There’s no better way to announce to an intruder, “Hey I’m up here and I’m getting something from a safe”. Now, where it really fails is in the safety category, which by the way is the most important criteria for me. There are a couple of youtube videos which show some serious malfunctions.

      One shows how you can access this safe just by tapping on the door:

      and the other shows how the safe can reset to the factory default combination if exposed to static electricity. The contributor of this video also writes how one of his systems actually opened up by itself:

      Now, I personally would not be able to live knowing my little one got a hold of my loaded firearm, and thus I immediately disregarded these as options.

      2. Gun Vault Nano vault with Key lock – So, now that I decided I would stay clear away from electronic vaults, I started looking at the mechanical options. In my mind, it’s more reliable than the electronic vaults (for reasons covered in point number 1), but I didn’t see how it could be safe (no pun intended) while at the same time allow for quick access. For example, I would have to hide the key hoping my little one would never find it, but then I wouldn’t have quick access since I would have to first retrieve the key and try to get the key in the lock probably in complete darkness….and thus the search continued.

      3. Titan Gun Vault – At first I didn’t consider this unit due to the reviews here and the price compared to other units, but I had a chance to see one in action at a local gun show. This was the only system which satisfied all three of my criteria (safety, quick access and reliability). For one, it’s completely mechanical, which means I’ll never have to rely on failed electronics. There’s no need to hide a key since access is via push buttons (which I might add can be done in complete darkness with a little practice….I found I can be armed and ready in 3 – 5 seconds), and there are many installation options: under the bed and in the car to name a couple. Since my bed is such that I can’t install it underneath, I’ve decided to attach it to the side of my night stand, which works out perfectly (this would’ve been impossible with any other vault or safe since the firearm would not be enclosed in a holster like it is in the Titan Gun Vault). Lastly, I also like the fact that the gun “swings out” at the ready as the door is opened. The two other reviewers stated having issues with accessing the holster if you have big hands. This is not an issue since the holster can be removed by unscrewing a bolt at the back of the unit first. Then, by unscrewing a bolt on the swing arm attached to the holster and voila, the entire holster slides out for adjustment. There is a little play with the door and the unit when attached to the mounting bracket as one previous reviewer pointed out. I too would like to see a more snug fit, but this wasn’t and still isn’t a deal breaker for me.

      I don’t want to give the impression that I’m bashing the manufactures of Gun Vault or Gun Vault type safes. The reasons I expressed in points number 1 and 2 can be said for any electronic or key access device. I just…

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    2. Damon says:
      9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Tried Biometrics, but this is far superior, January 12, 2012
      Damon (PLANO, TEXAS, United States) –
      (REAL NAME)

      Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
      This review is from: Titan Gun Safe (Sports)

      Intro to review: I have purchased one of those “place finger here and hold until the safe opens” gun safes. In my opinion, they’re good for times when you’re sleepy and/or panicky and there’s an emergency. I know if I’m ever awakened by an intruder, I will be shaking like a leaf and there’s no way I’m working a key. So a fingerprint scanner is ideal. The main problem I have with those is the fact they rely on electronics. I know, they are VERY reliable, but I want 100% reliability in cases like this. I also want 100% “keep my kids OUT of it” as well, and I keep hearing about how your fingerprint COULD potentially stay on the scanner, and just pushing the button could open it. (Tip:always swipe down to smudge your print) Also, the one I purchased was such a poor design, it would open without me even using my fingerprint or having an old print on there, about 8 times out of 20!! So I immediately sent it back and vowed to not use those again. I’m sure there are some great ones, but they’re not my cup o tea.

      None of that has anything to do with this product, but prefaces why I like this design. It is all mechanical; no batteries to replace, nothing to plug in or charge! It is a time-tested design that is very reliable. It is fast to open (I can open mine in less than two seconds in total darkness with either hand, and that’s being careful and taking my time). When it’s locked, it stays locked, keeping my kids out.

      This particular model can be mounted under a bed, under a drawer, side of a cabinet, or left loose to be portable. I left mine portable so I could carry it in the car if needed. When the door opens, it presents the firearm, making it easy to grab.

      You can adjust it for different sized firearms, and you can even adjust it so that the door stays open when you swing it up, and to close it, you lift up on the firearm after placing it inside, to release the latch. (Careful, the door swings down at that point! Watch your hand!) I added a small nut and bolt in the holster to hold my 9mm Sig P239 better. The holster is designed to accommodate larger firearms, so I “pinched” it together a bit with an additional bolt, which vastly improved it. Also, I moved the swing arm to present my pistol out further when the door is opened. That part, as well as modifying it to stay open, is documented in the instructions. The additional bolt was my idea.

      I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone with kids, and is concerned about biometric safes’ downsides, and wants something fast and reliable. If you get one, practice opening it at night, when you’re sleepy, in total darkness, with one hand, then the other. It’s easy to mess up when you are panicking, but muscle memory is your ally!

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