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Art of The Handgun

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Art of The Handgun

There has long been a need for a truly comprehensive book about shooting handguns. Art of the Handgun, An Illustrated Guide to Self-Defense and Combat Shooting, is somewhat surprisingly, even much more than that.

Covering everything from handgun selection, to advanced shooting techniques and virtually everything in between, while making use of over 500 original photographs and illustrations, Art of the Handgun takes you by the hand and walks you through the often-confusing world of handguns and their use for self defense, doing this through a beautifully executed original design concept.

The topics are clearly and fully illustrated with photos from the award-winning authors, and show the care and detail that went into creating this very special and important guide book.

The surprise is the fact you’ll feel as if you are learning from friends. Authors Dr. David Darom and Joseph (Kuti) Yekutiel speak in a plain voice, one that assures and educates, without “preaching” from a platform.

Art of the Handgun is a significant work, not simply because of its quality, but because what you learn here may indeed save your life – or the life of a loved one.

Roy Huntington, Editor
American Handgunner Magazine

Art of The Handgun

FEATURED Art of The Handgun

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What customers say about Art of The Handgun

  1. Ed Braun says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Book pistol shooters have long awaited, July 9, 2012

    This review is from: Art of The Handgun (Kindle Edition)

    There is a lot to be said for the concurrent literary canon about pistol history, use, and training, but very little can be said about those books that have come before in positive ways. I am not insinuating that such men as Ayoob or Vickers would intentionally mislead their readers, quite the contrary–these are service men who seek only to share experienced methodology with an interested audience. What is sorely lacking in such pieces is the experience and know how to effectively teach others in a written format despite being experts in face-to-face training. For the sum difference of the schism in firearms literature calling for a comprehensive book that combines not only sound advice in clearly written wording, but the adequate visuals (over 400 illustrations) to accompany those words, we at long last have such a piece presented to us by Dr. David Darom and Joseph (Kuti) Yekutiel.

    Of the 314 pages, not one is without full scale, real time pictures, diagrams, and masterfully written by men who have intimately worked with IDF and the revered Mossad. The eye opening, explosive result are a piece by piece, step by step review of not only prominent handguns in use by the most respected members of global security, but the true wonder that comes from having photographs taken by a world renowned and hailed artist like Darom. Kuti’s demonstration of the various stances, drills, draw methods, and tertiary topics is astounding, the very sort of thing one would expect from a man who trained the people who trains our presidents personal security detail.

    It is, without a doubt, a ground breaking book in its own right, and should be lauded as such. The firearms community has long since demanded a book such as this, and we would be fools to ignore it

    A read a man myself, I do understand the difficulty in succinctly not only praising such a work, but also expressing why people must buy this book over others. I seriously believe, at this point, for all that I have read, studied, and trained on, most of that time was spent unlearning other bad “proper” habits from bad sources. If I had begun with such a book, 20 years ago, I’d have never had to waste efforts in both learning, and unlearning, certain handicaps.

    I am also one of the lucky people who have seen a high quality printed sample (of a 200 copy run) of the book. The authors probably went to this extreme and expensive effort only to demonstrate in hard-copy the book’s true value, and to try and reach out convincingly to collaborate with a serious publisher/distributor.
    I do hope and wish that the shooting world pays attention to this, and that a noteworthy publisher takes advantage and publishes this brilliant book.

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  2. Anonymous says:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    good text, March 15, 2013

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    This review is from: Art of The Handgun (Kindle Edition)

    One of the better books on the subject written by people who know their trade. Not an idiots guide and not an I know best text. Well worth getting and reading, you will pick up tips and techniques to incorporate in youf own training regime.

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